Onyx Floor Tiles

Onyx floor tiles have a shiny quality that adds a lot of luster to the flooring. They are extremely smooth and look amazing on any floor. This is very easy to maintain and does not stain easily. This is why counter tops, kitchen floors, backsplashes, and many other floors use this.

Onyx floor tiles are water resistant, hence are suitable to use in the bathrooms as well. They look glitteringly great on vanity counter tops. They are not slippery and are durable. They are very affordable and available in many colors and patterns. They can be cleaned very easily and the shine can be restored. They do not scratch easily and are resistant to high temperatures.

The original stone is colorless. Impurities in the stone add color. Many vertical surfaces that reflect the vitreous luster use Onyx tiles. Many exterior areas of homes and commercial spaces use Onyx for their flooring. The stone is very hard and highly durable. The beauty at such hardness makes it ideal for many floors. The color and the sparkling nature of these tiles bring in a lot of excitement to the rooms. Etched tiles of Onyx are also available in the market. They are cost effective if used in new or remodeled homes.

Though the beauty of Onyx is unparalleled, they are not completely resistant to damages. Proper cleaning and usage of sealers will prevent the stone from staining. If enough care is not taken, the stone can chip too. The repairs to this flooring can be done by some professionals to make it look almost perfect. The stone as such does not require buffing, sealing or reconditioning as the stone is non-porous. They look rich and do not need the maintenance like granite. Though it can handle a lot of wear and tear, excessive force can damage the stone. The natural pigments can give a lasting beautiful color to the stone. The stone is resistant to mold and mildew if proper care is taken. When compared to marble the surface is more resistant to spills from juices, soft drinks and many acids.

The surface of Onyx floor tiles needs to be cleaned after any spill to reduce the damage. While placing hot dishes on the surface, use mats or trivets. Glasses holding alcohol or citrus should be placed on coasters. While using china, silver and other silver objects on this surface, place mats. Cleaners containing acids should not be used to clean the surface. Tub cleaners or grout cleaners should not be used on them. Other general cleaners like ammonia, vinegar and bleach should not be used. While scrubbing the surface, abrasive cleaners should not be used. They reduce the luster of the stone. Usage of abrasives and scouring powders can scratch the surface and make it look dull. Any alkaline cleaner does not suit stone surfaces. Onyx has many advantages over other materials for use in kitchen and bathrooms. They give out a luxurious feel at a very low cost. The cost of maintenance is also not high.