Travertine Bathroom Tiles

We think about all the available options while designing a bathroom. We think about the functionality aspects and the beauty of the resulting design. Let us see why we can use Travertine bathroom tiles in our homes.

For years, people have been debating on what is the best material to tile the bathroom floors and walls. As these wet rooms witness a lot of water flow, experts think that Travertine bathroom tiles are the best options, which have the water resistance and durability factors. Travertine is recommended even by the masons or local stores for bathrooms. You will achieve dry and odor free rooms with the use of travertine.

What are the other features of travertine that make it a good option for bathroom?

This stone is made of calcium carbonate, and found under the river and stream beds. The irresistible beauty is formed because of the unique fossilisation, which is not present in any other stone. This fossilisation results in the unique veining pattern in a variety of colours. Plush bathrooms can be created with the light and dark shades of this stone. Use the mosaic pieces to create unique patterning on the walls and floors. This stone works well when it is used in a single theme. The neutral shades of these tiles create a rich look in the bathrooms and showers.

Another advantage of using travertine bathroom tiles is that installing them is quite easy. One can do it as a simple project at home by using a quality adhesive. However professional help is recommended for durability and elegant beauty. If the laying is not proper, it can change the whole look of these beautiful tiles. Proper grouting technique is also essential for an elegant final outcome. Experts can seal them well to increase the durability and make them scratch resistant. Unfinished and non –sealed surfaces get easily damaged. Without the sealant, acidic spills may cause the stone to spoil easily.

We can use travertine bathroom tiles to mimic the appearance of marble. It is softer than marble and costs lesser than marble. The soothing colours of this stone are ideal for a refreshing bathroom ambience. Beiges and light browns are the trends of the day. Use these colours without any borders or accents for a sophisticated look. Floors can be laid with large stones that minimize the grout lines. The large tiles give a uniform look to the floor. Decorate the rest of the room with coordinating colours and give it a spa like appearance.

Four different kinds of polishes are available in this stone. Polished finish is the most preferred variety and looks great in the indoors. With proper lighting, the polished surfaces shine well and create a bright atmosphere. This stone can be honed for a matte finish, which also works well in the showers and baths. Brushed finish is a natural look that can be used outdoors. It is perfect for showers near the swimming pools and pathways. The tumbled finish gives a rustic outlook that is specifically used in the outdoor areas.

We have talked about the various advantages of travertine and why it is considered to be the best choice for use in our homes. Choose the suitable colour and pattern and decorate your bathroom with the best of natural tiles.